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Kristin McClendon: A Tiger at Tailgating

Kristin McClendon has been tailgating for 13 years and she believes that there is no better place to tailgate than under the stately oaks of Louisiana State University.

McClendon and her husband Al are a part of the Lofton Staffing Services tailgating group. The group of 15 gathers every home football game and enjoy the fellowship.

For six years, LSS has set up shop in the same place: the left of the historic Indian mounds at the corner of Dalrymple and Mike Donahue Drive. According to McClendon, every person rotates cooking the main dish throughout the season.

“We all take turns bringing in the main course and everybody else brings additional food. One person will bring the salad and another will bring dessert and drinks,” McClendon said.

Dylan Gilbert, a family friend said McClendon’s cooking is one of the best parts of game day. McClendon’s favorite dish to bring tailgating is pulled pork. McClendon said plans her main courses based on weather conditions and the chance of having children at the tailgate.

“I usually bring pulled pork, especially when the weather starts to cool off,” McClendon said. It’s my contribution every year. In the past few years, I have also brought a marinated cheese dip that is really good. When it is warmer we bring the fruit trays for the kids and that is a must. We do change the types of food we bring in every now and again based on weather conditions.”

Feeding and entertaining a maximum of 30 people while tailgating can be challenging. The feeding part of it can be easy by just making more than enough food. According to McClendon’s husband, the entertaining part can be settled with a game of cornhole and a TV with a satellite dish.

“I normally bring the TV and satellite dish and watch other college football games before the LSU game. While the kids play Cornhole, we eat the food made by Kristin before they can get to it. That is another game.” Al McClendon said.

LSU tailgating has become one of the nation’s best and a place where food is a necessity. McClendon said the atmosphere is what makes tiger tailgating unique.

“The food and drinks are way better than the concession stands inside the Tiger Stadium,” McClendon said.

“I think tailgating is more fun than going to the game. It’s the atmosphere, family, food and rich tradition that makes LSU tailgating so unique. “




The Art of Tailgating

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